● Brand Content Ideation & Production
● Video Production - Short & Long Form
● Social Media & SEO Expertise

Jay Weiss is a 5-time Emmy Award winning digital content producer, writer and director.

Jay Weiss has an instinctive talent for capturing the compelling, transcendent elements at the heart of every story.

An award-winning, digital content producer for all advertising, marketing and social media platforms, Jay's rare combination of skills consistently drives fresh, memorable campaigns that deliver tangible, effective results.

Jay specializes in the design, production and management of strategic digital content for a diverse range of brands, services and marketing objectives.

Developed over a unique career, Jay's exceptional editorial and visual design expertise is a powerful, flexible asset for marketers seeking brand distinction amid today's kaleidoscope of communication channels and digital platforms.

During his 15-year career at the top rung of broadcast television news, Jay was awarded 5 Emmys, among many other honors, for the compelling content he wrote and produced for millions of viewers.

His incisive storytelling skills provided network news anchors and executives with an elite instrument to deliver a virtually infinite array of visions in some of the most challenging environments imaginable.

His ceaseless passion for designing outstanding, high-caliber strategic messages is his defining characteristic.

From running shoes to distilled spirits, cutting-edge technology to the art of fine French cooking, Jay delivers sharp, trustworthy content that resonates with the lives of real people.

For the branding, advertising and public relations communities, Jay provides exceptional value by creating real, measurable impacts using digital, social networking and integrated multi-media solutions.


- Brand Content Ideation & Production
- Video Production - Short & Long Form
- Copywriting & Creative Direction
- Social Media & SEO Expertise

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"I found Jay to be an incredible resource, and person. A rare combination of many different skills - writer, producer, camera man, researcher, to name a few. A great doer, a great collaborator."

Jim Garaventi
Partner/Creative Director
MECHANICA (Ad Agency/Saucony)

"We found in Jay Weiss the writer who perfectly captured our unique identity across every platform for our major expansion and marketing effort."

Dorothy Hamilton
Founder and CEO, The French Culinary Inst.

"How I wish I could write as clearly, simply and elegantly as the person who created this copy.

It isn't good, or even great: it's exquisite, beyond my most ambitious ambitions and expectations. The copy is sublimely elegant."

Jim Mullen
Founder, Mullen Advertising
On Jay's work for the French Culinary Institute

"Faced with danger, scant resources, and a complex, fluid story to cover, Jay's intelligence, professionalism, and superb instincts were absolutely invaluable."

Dan Rather
Former CBS News Anchor

"He has covered stories all around the world, a remarkable body of serious work... everything from pop culture to medical science to the most intricate levels of foreign policy."

Tom Bettag
Exec. Prod., ABC News Nightline

"...an insatiable intellectual curiosity, a shamefully rigorous work-ethic and rather amazing reserves of physical energy all of which are clearly reflected in the exemplary work he has done."

Jim Wooten
Reporter, ABC News; New York Times

"Jay has a brilliant mastery of language and images. He was instrumental in my successful judicial campaign as my key strategist and consultant."

Caroline Tesche
Judge - Elect

"Jay Weiss lets every story touch him. I have seen him connect with people all over the world, with a gift for really understanding what the person in our camera's range is experiencing.

In his career overseas, he encountered maybe a couple thousand people who got through to him. That's a pretty big cast of characters from so many vivid memories from so many journeys overseas. "

John Donvan
ABC News Correspondent